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Who are we?


First of all, I would say that we are chess lovers. And also we are dreamers. We want to build the online chess site more relevant and innovative in the world.

We currently have over 20 professionals directly involved in building the site onechess.com, with the numerous world ambassadors out. In addition, we established partnership with investment firms, technology, communication and marketing (spread in Brazil and Uruguay) that increasingly add value to our business. Our registered office is located in Uruguay, but our members and partners, initially concentrated in southern Brazil.

We believe increasingly in the business model based on knowledge, creativity and intellectual and human capital. Our bid is to build bridges able to connect players from different parts of the world in a different experience, and reward the real talent in chess.

Give us your feedback on the site onechess.com, short our fanpage facebook.com/OneChessWorld - sharing our content - and of course have fun playing chess online.

Our essence

OneChess. Do you like chess?

Our objective is creating a place where chess players may meet each other in a world without orders. We want to offer different experiences. A new plataform that connects players with different talents, abilities and cultures. A learning environment, a global community, connected around a same passion:the game of chess.


Check out the categories of OneChess games that pretty soon will be online. We offer 3 different plataforms to the chess lovers.

Join and compete for prizes and rewards!


Free play for individual matches and tournaments to improve your skills


Join in tournaments without fee to compete for prizes in cash


With free, play individual matches and tournaments with prizes in cash

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